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PlanetCazmo 2 … REVEALED!

The Official Planet Cazmo Blog

screen-shot-2017-02-03-at-21-20-55Hi Cazmos,

The time has come. Everything all the way from our first day working on this title in February 2016 has led to this one glorious, cazriffic, caztastic moment.

Okay, Okay. I’m being a little over dramatic… ONLY because I’m SO excited to give you the first official glimpse into what we (the fans behind this projectThumbs Up.png) have in store for PLANET CAZMO 2!

But first, I’d like to thank you.heart Without the support and encouragement from all of you in the classic Cazmo community, I was able to take the Planet Cazmo you all know and love and grow it into something I’m incredibly proud to share-and continue to build-with you!

And now, we proudly present to you… PLANET CAZMO 2!


Look exciting? We think so, and we hope you do too. gold-tooth

Those of you who are wondering when you can blast off to the realms of Planet Cazmo, stay hyped. We’re proud to…

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BREAKING NEWS: Planet Cazmo 2 !!

Hey Guys!!!

Something is happing!! :O

CfezwtQW8AMe4K6 - Copy

Yes !! Finally we are back in business !! So take a tissue & wipe your tears away & stop crying & make a wide smile BECAUSE Planet Cazmo 2 is coming sooooon & it’s under developing !! 😀 😀


I was making a blog for my studying on my account on WordPresss & surprisly i notice a post named “Planet Cazmo 2” posted by Twinkles .. I just check it out & i found that they are working to make NEW Planet Cazmo !! 😀 😀


So i check it out & here you are what i got!! 😀

Cheif & some others are working to develop Planet Cazmo 2 .. More details follow @CazmoTweets on Twitter to get news & to know more details!

And you can sing in here:

It’s Forum that you can make Posts, Comments & there’s a Live Chat so you can suggest an idea & getting news too!

Cheif produced an trail Town Square on Roblox that we used to hang out & have fun there in the old days .. You might have look:


And there will be NEW Areas and Characters to meet too!! 😀

It will be hosted on Roblox but avatars and the graphics will be changed accordingly. To fit ‘Cazmo‘.

Here are some photos that you might be interesting to see!

Do you remember (Phrux)! 🙂


And that’s me ~Top Speed~ in the Town Square! 😀


Cazmo Lake:


Some other photos:








So what you are waiting for ..Come in & let’s bring the fun back .. Tell your friends invite your people .. An amazing days will get back soooon!! 😀 😀

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CazReunion Party TODAY


PlanetCazmo Reunion Party! Win 30CazmoCash and meet the old residents of cazmo and much more… :-D

Hi Cazmos, RareRufc from CazmoExperts.co.cc here!
Im inviting you all to what will be a HUGE PARTY! You will get the chance of winning 30CazmoCash, a jet pack, a unicycle or one of the 100ClothingItems! Everyone’s a winner :-)! Here’s the details:

Please spread the world about this party, post it on your blogs, tell people about this event on PlanetCazmo and do as much as you can to get this party as big as possible! If the picture isn’t working ; here’s what it says-
When:Saturday 26th May 2012
Time:4PM cazmo time (most areas of USA) or 10PM united kingdom time (UK&wales)

Remember,1 lucky cazmo will win 30CazmoCash, and the runner ups will get a jet pack and a unicycle!

Other than that, I’ll be playing ALOT of party games and be giving away a total of 100Clothing items!

Get ready. This will be HUGE!


New ambassador gift!

Hey Cazmos!!!

There is new ambassador gift it’s:

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Hey Cazmos!!!

There are some new updates let’s start with Hot Deals:

Also B.O.B Concert will be next weekend (i thought it will be this weekend 😦 ) :

And there is new upcoming concert:

Also buy Fire Place for your house they are by 40 Cazmo Cash:

and there will be a party in Bigdawg house it will be sometime in this week so check the Twitter and Face Book to know when:

And there are some houses added to CAZMOWOOD for some singers check it:

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